Important Early 20th Century Palace Size Art Nouveau Sculpture


This wonderful monumental work of art titled “La Creation” was exhibited at the Salon des Beaux Arts 1903. It is designed in terra cotta & was made by Friedrich Goldscheider. The sculpture showcases Aurora, goddess of dawn. She is presented in a flowing cloak with an outstretched left arm. Under her right hand are shimmering art glass inserts representing the rising sun surrounded by planets. Mother of pearl inserts of a crescent moon & stars positioned beneath her feet, appear to be fading away. Within the terra cotta is a large dome shape bronze clock. This clock has a hair spring movement & chimes on the 1/2 hour as well as on the hour. The sculpture is electrified & an in line switch illuminates the Sun & surrounding planets.


“Friedrich Goldscheider” stamp, “Exposition Reservee”

“La Creation” bronze plaque, “Salon des Beaux Arts 1903



30 1/2″ tall X 24″ wide X 18″ deep